Virginia Headlines 

Abu Ghraib military contractor warned bosses of abuses 2 weeks after arriving, testimony reveals

A civilian contractor sent to work as an interrogator at Iraq’s infamous Abu Ghraib prison resigned within two weeks of his arrival and told his corporate bosses that mistreatment of detainees was likely to continue.

Things to know as courts and legislatures act on transgender kids’ rights

Several U.S. courts have ruled this week on state laws restricting the rights of transgender young people.

Virginia lawmakers set to take up Youngkin's proposed amendments, vetoes in reconvened session

Gambling regulations, school construction and the state budget are on the agenda as Virginia lawmakers return to Richmond to consider Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s proposed amendments to legislation and his record number of vetoes.

Boeing in the spotlight as Congress calls a whistleblower to testify about defects in planes

Boeing will be in the spotlight on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

Retired general's testimony links private contractor to Abu Ghraib abuses

An Army general who investigated the abuse of prisoners 20 years ago at Iraq’s infamous Abu Ghraib prison has testified that a civilian contractor instructed prison guards to “soften up” detainees for interrogations.

Coal miners getting new protections from silica dust linked to black lung disease

The Labor Department issued a new rule Tuesday intended to protect coal miners from poisonous silica dust that has contributed to the premature deaths of thousands of mine workers from a respiratory ailment commonly known as “black lung” disease.

Supreme Court gives some military veterans more generous educational benefits

The Supreme Court has sided with a decorated veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in a protracted fight with the government over 12 months of G.

Abu Ghraib detainee shares emotional testimony during trial against Virginia military contractor

A former detainee at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison described to jurors in Virginia the abuse he suffered in more than a month of incarceration in 2003.

Audit cites potential legal violations in purchase of $19,000 lectern for Arkansas governor

A long-awaited audit on a $19,000 lectern bought for Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee cites multiples potential violations of state law in the item's purchase.

Boeing pushes back on whistleblower's allegations and details how airframes are put together

Boeing is defending the integrity of the fuselages on two of its largest planes.

Much of central US faces severe thunderstorm threat and possible tornadoes

Tens of millions of Americans stretching from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Baltimore could face strong thunderstorms tonight through Wednesday, with tornadoes possible in a few states.

US judge tosses out lawsuits against Libyan commander accused of war crimes

A U.S. judge has tossed out a series of civil lawsuits against a Libyan military commander who used to live in Virginia and was accused of killing innocent civilians in that country’s civil war.

Gene Herrick, AP photographer who covered the Korean war and civil rights, dies at 97

Gene Herrick, a retired Associated Press photographer who covered the Korean War and is known for his iconic images of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement, died Friday.

Maine is latest state to approve interstate compact for social worker licenses

Maine is set to become the latest state to join an interstate compact for social worker licensure.

Tennessee Vols wrap up spring practice with Nico Iamaleava finally under center

The Nico Iamaleava era finally has arrived at Tennessee.

Jill Biden calls Trump a 'bully' who is 'dangerous' to LGBTQ people

Jill Biden says former Republican President Donald Trump is a “bully” who is “dangerous” for the LGBTQ community.

20 years later, Abu Ghraib detainees get their day in US court

Twenty years ago this month, photos of abused prisoners and smiling U.S. soldiers guarding them at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison were released, shocking the world.

'I'm dying, you're not': Those terminally ill ask more states to legalize physician-assisted death

Lawmakers in at least 12 states are debating bills that would legalize physician-assisted death.

A criminal probe continues into staff at a Virginia school where a 6-year-old shot a teacher

Prosecutors in Virginia say that a criminal investigation into staff members at a school where a 6-year-old shot his teacher will continue.

Instagram begins blurring nudity in messages to protect teens and fight sexual extortion

Instagram says it’s deploying new tools to protect young people and combat sexual extortion.

A Congressman wanted to understand AI. So he went back to a college classroom to learn

Frightening to some, exciting to others, baffling to many: Artificial intelligence has been called an economic game changer, a threat to democracy or even an existential threat to humanity.

Assistant principal ignored warnings that 6-year-old boy had gun before he shot teacher, report says

A grand jury report says a former assistant principal at a Virginia elementary school ignored warnings that a 6-year-old had a gun in the hours before he shot his teacher.

Congress summons Boeing's CEO to testify on its jetliner safety following new whistleblower charges

A Senate subcommittee has opened an investigation into the safety of Boeing jetliners, intensifying concerns about the airworthiness of the company’s aircraft.

Court asked to allow gunman to withdraw guilty plea in fatal shooting after high school graduation

An attorney for a man who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in a 2023 shooting after a Richmond high school graduation has filed a motion seeking to withdraw the guilty plea on the grounds that he failed to accurately inform the accused gunman of his legal options.

Former assistant principal charged with child neglect in case of 6-year-old boy who shot teacher

A former assistant principal at a Virginia elementary school has been indicted on eight felony counts of child neglect in the case of a 6-year-old boy who shot and wounded his first-grade teacher in Newport News, Virginia, last year.

Youngkin amends Virginia 'skill games' legislation, takes other action on final batch of bills

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has made clear he’s open to legislation that would lift a ban on so-called skill games but he wants far stricter limits on the devices than what lawmakers proposed.

'Civil War' might be the year's most explosive movie. Alex Garland thinks it's just reporting

The new film “Civil War” is an ominous attempt to turn widely held American anxieties into a violent, unsettling big-screen reality.

Racial diversity among college faculty lags behind other professional fields, US report finds

Despite gains in faculty diversity at American universities over the last two decades, Black and Hispanic professors remain underrepresented compared to their students and to professionals with advanced degrees in other fields.

US wildfires are getting bigger and more complex, prompting changes in firefighting workforce

Forecasters are warning that the potential for wildfires will be above normal in some areas across the United States over the coming months as temperatures rise and rain becomes sparse.

Youngkin proposes 'compromise' path forward on state budget, calling for status quo on taxes

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin and the Democratic lawmakers who control the Virginia General Assembly have spent months at odds over taxes.

Gov. Youngkin signs a measure backed by abortion-rights groups but vetoes others

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin has signed more 88 bills and vetoed 11, including a measure that advocates say would help protect women and medical practitioners from potential extraditions related to abortion services that are legal in Virginia.

Boeing's CEO got compensation worth nearly $33 million last year but lost a $3 million bonus

Boeing CEO David Calhoun is getting compensation valued at $33 million for last year, nearly all of it in stock awards.

Small plane clips 2 vehicles as it lands on North Carolina highway, but no injuries are reported

Authorities say a small plane experiencing engine problems struck two vehicles as it landed on a highway near a North Carolina airport, but no injuries were reported.

Another endangered right whale dies after a collision with a ship off the East Coast

Federal authorities say an increasingly deadly year for the endangered North Atlantic right whale got worse this week when another member of the species was killed in a collision with a ship.

LeBron James says popularity of women's basketball is due to familiar stars

LeBron James figures there’s at least one obvious explanation for the surging popularity of the NCAA women’s basketball tournament — recognizable stars.

K-9 killed protecting officer and inmate who was attacked by prisoners, Virginia officials say

Virginia prison officials say a K-9 has died after “heroically” protecting a correctional officer, who was responding to a violent attack involving apparent gang members.