Jack Durkin

Weekend Meteorologist/Weekday Reporter

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Jack joined CBS19 in January 2017 as a weekend meteorologist/weekday reporter.

Jack Durkin grew up 30 miles northwest of New York City and his love for the weather can be traced back to the fifth grade. That week long lesson in weather would be the beginning of his passion that would eventually turn into a career. Throughout his childhood, Jack could be found watching local meteorologists and the weather channel whenever there was a big weather story for the northeast. As a kid, Jack would always wonder why the weather would change from day to day and what kind of factors went into making those daily changes.

Prior to coming to Charlottesville in January 2017, Jack worked as a meteorologist at News12 Connecticut in Norwalk, CT for a year and a half. While at News12, Jack was able to work on his on air personality and hone in on his forecasting skills. Jack is very proud to have a meteorology degree from Oswego State University in Central New York. It was there when Jack realized he wanted to go into the broadcasting aspect of meteorology. Jack’s favorite weather is snow so he chose Oswego because they average over 100 inches of snow each winter.

Jack is extremely excited to now be living and working in Charlottesville. When not at work, Jack can be found eating at a local restaurant, hiking one of the many trails central Virginia has to offer, watching a Mets game, traveling and working out.

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