Sharra Klug

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Sharra tends to, @CBS19News and the CBS19Newsroom Facebook page.

Sharra joined CBS19 News at the end of March 2015. She watches over the web, including writing, posting and editing stories, cutting video and images for the web, posting on Facebook and Twitter, and more. She's normally in the newsroom Monday through Friday, but the amazing powers of the web let her do some stuff from home too as needed.

Sharra is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, both undergrad and graduate. Her work for her Master's degree in Convergence Journalism included a certificate of specialization from the Center for the Digital Globe. She also spent two years as a teaching assistant for the J-School's Communications Law course that every MoJo student has to take. (And she has another degree, a Bachelor of Arts in French.)

Sharra completed an internship at WHTJ here in Charlottesville and pulled a short volunteer stint as a morning news anchor for WNRN, but she focused more on earning her degrees. She worked for CBS19's sister station, WHSV-TV3 in Harrisonburg, Virginia, for four years before moving back to Charlottesville to help take care of her mother. Before getting back into journalism, she spent a few years up at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

Twice, she has helped her stations win awards for best news website in the Virginias, once at WHSV and once at CBS19.

Originally from northern New Jersey, Sharra moved to Charlottesville in the mid-90s to attend St. Anne's-Belfield. She's happy to be back near the Blue Ridge Mountains and all the history of the Central Virginia area.

Sharra is a bibliophile with interests all across the board, especially on such topics as cultural history, languages, astronomy, tectonics, archaeology and paleontology among others. She loves music, theater and playing with words. She is also a huge scifi and fantasy fan, including Star Trek and Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dragonriders of Pern, Elfquest and much more.

She also studies martial arts at UpLevel Martial Arts in Charlottesville, where she is a second-degree black belt.

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