'Deaf Dogs Rock' and are rocking the Internet

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ROANOKE CO., Va. (WDBJ) -- Christina Lee has her own rock band -- of dogs.

They make their own kind of noise, which is music to her ears, but they can't even hear it.

"We call them our rocker dogs. If only they could make money. If only they can play and make money," Lee joked.

Deaf Dogs Rock was founded in late summer of 2011 after Lee, of Roanoke County, Virginia, adopted little Nitro.

She got a call from another animal advocate in Salem, Virginia who told her about a puppy that was abandoned near a river, in need of a good home.

But there was something different about him. He was deaf.

"Of course, the first 24 hours we totally freaked out. He wasn't watching me, he wasn't paying attention, he wasn't like a regular happy puppy that wanted to be with you, wanting attention, so I had a little bit of a freakout moment," she said.

But that little freakout moment turned into the website, and an outlet to help other people with deaf dogs. The way it's grown since is still unbelievable to Lee.

"I never thought deaf dogs, I mean, I knew there were a lot of deaf dog people out there. But I never thought deafdogsrock.com would go global," she said.

They're also going viral. They recently had a video on the DoDo, a popular video-sharing site for animal lovers. BravoTV's "Unleashed" also shared Deaf Dogs Rock's story. And people love Lee's Instagram page, all because of her educational videos and her own pups.

"David Bowie! Chris Cornell, Cornell outside, and we have Bud, Buddy Holly," said Lee. "Nitro we actually named after a town in West Virginia, Nitro, West Virginia, but there is always the band Nitro Glycerin, so there's always that!"

She uses American Sign Language with them, and with a little patience and education, it's easy to learn.

But it all started with Nitro.

"This one dog has saved thousands of deaf dogs, because he's our inspiration," she said.

So far they've sponsored 345 deaf dogs into rescue, and about 3,000 have been adopted off the website.

But Lee would probably tell you, it's the people who really get rescued by these special pups.

The Lee's also have two senior hearing dogs, so altogether, they have six dogs, in addition to horses and chickens. The more the merrier.

"We say deaf dogs hear with their hearts," she said.