Explosives charge dismissed, Pryor pleads to drug charge

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- One charge against a man accused of having an explosive device in his car in Charlottesville earlier this year was dismissed Thursday.

This charge stemmed from the investigation on Sept. 9 that shut down Locust Avenue and brought in the bomb squad.

The device was found in a vehicle during a traffic stop that morning, and police said a K-9 alerted them to it.

Robert Pryor was arrested on a charge of having an explosive device and possession of marijuana.

He later publicly claimed the device was used to test tire pressure.

In response, the Charlottesville Police Department released a picture of the suspect device, to show why they thought it was suspicious.

In court on Thursday, the prosecutors announced the device was a tire pressure sensor that was homemade out of PVC pipe and there was nothing explosive about it.

Due to that, the explosives charge was dismissed.

Pryor did agree to plead guilty to the marijuana charge, though his $100 fine for it was suspended.

However, his driver's license will be suspended six months due to the drug charge.

Pryor is eligible for a restricted license during that time.

Outside of the courthouse, he declined to comment after his hearing.