High temps are bad for your high tech

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) -- Summer has arrived, which means more people are spending time in the sun.

"I'm use to the heat," said Evan Chappell between a game of pick-up at Washington Park. "My dad put me to work in the summer while I was back at home in the garden and stuff."

In the next several days, temperatures will rise into the 90s.

"I'm pretty sweaty," Chappell laughed when asked about the high temperatures.

But with the temps on the rise, it is not just people who are overheating. Your technology can overheat too.

"You just want to be careful and don't leave them somewhere that's very hot with no ventilation," Christian Argie said about ways to keep your favorite electronics safe from the heat.

Owner of Top Notch Computers, Argie says he sees an increase in cooked tech over the summer months.

He says the biggest tech killer is your car.

"The hot car, for instance, is not going to give you adequate ventilation," Argie explained.

He says when your laptop or cell phone sit in a hot environment with hot air, things start to melt, crack and in some extreme cases, explode.

He adds the position of things like a cell phone can also exacerbate damages.

"Having it sit face up, where the sun is beating down makes things even worse," said Argie.

Fortunately, some technology like iPhones have ways to beat the heat.

"Cell phones normally have a safeguard that will cut them off or put them in a reduced functionality mode," Argie said.

Typically, most phones can try to protect themselves if they start to overheat.

But if a high-stakes game of basketball goes long, it can be too late for the tech you left baking in your car.

"Sometimes, it's melted plastic. Sometimes, the actual LCD element in the screen has cracked or burst and is leaking. Sometimes it's battery damage," Argie said about the most common damages to a piece of technology left in the sun or heat. "It's usually one of those three."

He says once you notice heat damage, you can pretty much kiss your computer goodbye.

Or you can take the attitude that Chappell has about his phone.

"I parked in the shade, cracked the windows, honestly it's a dumb phone so if it goes out I don't care," Chappell said laughing about his cell phone.

But if you cannot live without your phone or laptop, Top Notch Computers says think about leaving it at home where there is cool, ventilated air.

And if you need your phone, make sure it is not sitting in your car or in the sun.

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