LARPfaire takes over IX Art Park

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Live-action role players, also known as LARPs, took over IX Art Park Saturday for a day full of role-playing and live demonstrations.

It was part of their first LARPfaire event to bring the community together.

Rachel Blair was one of the role players who was playing the violin as her character, Ambrose.

"Ambrose is a traveler. She's a wanderer. She's partially a gypsy, but she's a wanderer. She has deep roots in history," she said.

Ambrose was part of a few groups from around Virginia who came to IX Art Park to show off their live-action role-playing skills.

"Live-action roleplay is the idea of telling a story through a free form face-to-face format where you get to step out of your regular life and become something a little different for a few hours or maybe even a few days at a time," said Joseph Compton, the organizer of this year's LARPfaire.

Compton said the event aims to unite the community through different options for positive nerding.

"Stranger Things has kind of brought a resurgence for Dungeons and Dragons that they can see they don't need to stay inside to play a game," Compton said. "They can get out there and really get to enjoy each other's company in a fantastic environment."

This environment is a special time Blair said means more with her LARP family.

"LARP is to me a huge family," said Ambrose. "It's a huge family to me. If you want to get into LARP, don't be afraid. Everyone here is friendly and everyone is accepting of those who want to join."

Compton hopes to host LARPfaire again next year.