Man convicted of lying to Lyon Sisters' grand jury, sentenced to probation

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) A Bedford County judge has found Leslie Engleking guilty of perjury for lying to a grand jury investigating the Lyon Sisters' case.

In court Tuesday Engleking admitted he was "less than cooperative" when questioned by grand jurors about the disappearance of Katherine and Sheila Lyon in 1975 and the possible involvement of his relatives in the case.

Engleking said that his sister, Patricia Welch, told him that she was "mistreated" by law enforcement officers investigating the Lyon case. He said that he called his sister during the grand jury proceedings and asked her if she "knew anything" about the disappearance of the Lyon sisters.

In open court Tuesday, Engleking did not reveal what his sister told him during their phone conversations but said that he was not originally forthcoming about the calls when questioned by the grand jury.

Since committing perjury Engleking has cooperated with prosecutors and their attempts to seek information.

"After all of this I realize the problems that it caused and the headache for myself and my family," Engleking told a judge Tuesday. "I regret doing it."

Engleking was sentenced to five years in prison for lying to the grand jury, but the entire sentence was suspended in favor of supervised probation and the presumption that he will exhibit "good behavior" during the probationary period.


A man accused of lying to the grand jury investigating the Lyon sisters case is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday.

Leslie Engleking pleaded no contest to perjury in February.

He is scheduled to be sentenced at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in Bedford County Circuit Court.

Prosecutors say Engleking knowingly gave false statements on two separate occasions when a grand jury asked him questions about Richard Welch.

Richard Welch is a person of interest in the disappearance of Katherine and Sheila Lyon, two sisters who disappeared from a Maryland shopping mall in 1975 and may have been killed in Bedford County.

Welch is married to Engleking's sister, Patricia Welch, who is also facing a perjury charge in connection with the Lyon sisters case.

Lloyd Lee Welch has already been charged with murder and kidnapping in connection to the disappearance of the Lyon sisters. He is the nephew of Richard Welch.

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