One dead, 19 injured after car plows into protesters

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) -- What started as a celebration protest, ended deadly.

One person is dead and 19 others injured, after a car mowed down a group of protesters Saturday afternoon.

The entire incident was caught on camera, including the hysteria afterwards.

"People are concussed people are bleeding everywhere," said a witness who wants to remain anonymous. "Someone was doing chest compressions."

Corinne Gellar, spokesperson for Virginia State Police, said injuries ranged from minor to life threatening.

A dark grey Dodge mowed down a group of protesters on 4th and Water Street.

"People let the car in because they thought it was a cop car," said Jon Ziegler who recorded the entire incident. "Then he slammed on the gas."

The three car crash was a domino effect. The dodge rammed into the crowd at a high rate of speed and the impact created a chain reaction. The Dodge knocked into two other cars, smashing protesters and sending multiple people flying through the air.

"At least two people got hit and were thrown on his hood," said Ziegler.

In the recorded video you can see the Dodge ram into the crowd and quickly reverse, he then fled the scene.

"For the first 30 seconds most people were in a state of shock," said Ziegler. "We realized that somebody just possibly just died in front of us."

CBS19 has learned that the person killed was a 32 year-old woman. Police has not released her name.

"We had multiple people transported from here," said Gellar. "Charlottesville Fire and EMS responded immediately to the scene and began treating various individuals."

The injured individuals were transported to the University of Virginia hospital, some in neck braces, others on stretchers, others were on the ground waiting for help.

"To see the shoes, the pool of blood on the ground and the debris, I'm still shaking right now just thinking about it," said Ziegler.

Many people, including Congressman Tom Garrett, are labeling this a domestic terror attack.

The man driving the Dodge has been arrested and is facing murder charges.

UVA Hospital says five patients are in critical condition, four in serious condition, six in fair, and four in good condition.

CBS19 has also learned the F.B.I is launching a civil rights investigation.