UVA students want to end all animal testing at UVA

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ESMONT, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- One University of Virginia student, fourth-year Isabella Cifu, is co-president of Animal Justice Advocates. She says she helped start a petition to end how animals are used for study in two UVA departments.

"Our objection at Animal Justice Advocates is the use of the animals and killing them for any use, specifically the use of their bodies for dissection," she said.

She has an uphill battle. According to the National Anti-vivisection society or NAVS, at least $10 billion from the National Institutes of Health goes to funding projects that include animal testing experimentation.

At the Rangers Refuge at Gallistar in Esmont, owner Lorelei Pulliam says she's rescued hundreds of animals from all kinds of tragic situations and has one request for labs.

"What I want to see is lab animals released to sanctuaries when they are done with them, when they've given so much, why not let them come to us, instead of killing them," she said.

Cifu says her research indicates with today's technology, there's no need to use animals for experiments anymore.

"There's virtual reality, there's computer software, real life like models, there's a lot of different technologies we can use," she said.