#16Camps: Governors bought into success

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LOVINGSTON, Va. (CBS19 Sports) -- Everything seems to be coming full circle for the Nelson County football program.

“This is kinda the first group that has started from freshman year and come up through the program,” said head coach Matt Hicks.

Going into his fourth season with the Governors, Hicks has helped these players develop and watched them grow.

“When I was a freshman, I was playing JV and this was the first time I met him,” said senior safety/wide receiver Cole Koschara. “And one day, he pulled me to the side and said ‘one day, you're gonna be a leader in Nelson County football’ and I said ‘yes sir’.”

Now, from freshman to seniors, new leaders are stepping up.

“I get to know what it's like to be a leader to all these guys and they all look up to me and the rest of the senior class,” said Koschara.

Age isn't everything. Their leader on the field at quarterback: junior George Brown. He shared the starting role last season, but this year, he knows what he has to do.

“Just be George Brown. A smart student a smart student to the game too.”
“If someone doesn't know what they're doing he just tells them straight up,” said Koschara.

Last season, the team recorded just two wins. But Coach Hicks says they fought, even in those tight losses.

“I think that that's actually focused them and motivated them to be more mindful of mistakes,” said Hicks. “Talk about all the little things that we have to do to take those one and two point losses and push them over onto the win side.

Even through the mistakes, Nelson County focuses on the communication coming into a new season in the Dogwood District.

“Like if we have a bad snap, talk to the center,” said Brown. “If you mess up, don't get down on em, be cheerful to em.”

“It's the team chemistry, that the Governors hope will lead them to success in the game.

“We've gotten closer as a team, and I think it's gonna reflect onto our field of play,” said Koschara “It’s just... I have a good feeling about this year.”