#16Camps: Plenty of fresh faces in camp for Patriots

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- There are plenty of fresh faces in camp at Albemarle High School this summer. That's got Brandon Isaiah looking forward to his sixth season as head football coach.

"That's what the job is about," Isaiah said. "I mean, I don't think we're going through anything that any other coaching staff hadn't went through. I think it's just a fun challenge. The emphasis is just on building a ground-up culture and just focusing on the fundamentals. And just trying to rebuild this thing."

Albemarle has been a playoff team in each of the past four seasons -- but the Patriots have less than a half-dozen starters back from last year's team. Those few veterans are learning some patience in camp, this summer.

"I mean, everything takes time," said AHS senior receiver Torry Green. "So you've just got to be able to go every day and just know that everything you do is very meaningful. Everything that you come out here to do."

"We have to coach up a lot of people, because there's only so many coaches," said senior defensive lineman Jake Rombach. "So the older guys have really got to step in and be leaders, because you want the culture to continue."

One spot the Patriots need to fill is at quarterback, where senior Luke Barnes and sophomore Jake King are competing this summer.

"They're both great quarterbacks. They both can read the defense very well,' said Green. "And I feel like give them some time and they'll be really good for the season."

"Both of them are playing hard," said Isaiah. "We're just trying to be a little bit more methodical with the process and make sure we make the best decision for the kids."

Isaiah's message to his young team has been the importance of improving every day. He hopes that approach will help the Patriots when the summer turns to fall, and the games get bigger.

"The goal is always to make sure the kids' morale is up. But they're really focusing on the details and fundamentals that we teach them," Isaiah said.
"And we can kind of build on that process, and hopefully we can have some success and win some games."

"And hopefully when it matters, on the back end of the year, we're hopeful that we can be playing the best football that we can possibly play."