Blanding working to stick in NFL

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Last fall was not the most enjoyable football season Quin Blanding has ever been a part of, because he didn't get a chance to play.

Blanding signed with the Redskins after going undrafted out of Virginia, but was cut during training camp before playing in a regular season game for Washington.

"It was a drag at first," Blanding said Saturday at a youth football camp. "I can't say it was all roses and dandies, but I had fun. I turned it into fun."

The All-American safety signed a future's contract with the Carolina Panthers in December. That became a full contract at the start of the new NFL league year in March.

"You just got to get in the right system and I feel like now I'm in the right system," he said. "I'm ready to go full forward. I'm just ready to play again. I'm ready to show my talents that I know that I'm capable of doing and going out there each Sunday playing."

Blanding is a month away from heading to his second NFL training camp. He is using the experiences gained a year ago to make sure he sticks in the NFL this season.

"I smile each and every day," said, "and every day I post something motivational because someone's going through something each and every day that you don't know about.

"So I'm just that guy that's going to keep motivating myself," Blanding added. "I'm going to keep being happy. I'm going to keep smiling and nothing's going to bring me down."