Francisco making Tom Sox history on nightly basis

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- All Thomas Francisco has done since getting to Charlottesville this summer is hit. As a result, he's been making Tom Sox history on a nightly basis.

Francisco has played in 19 games for the Sox since arriving from East Carolina -- and he has at least one hit in each of them. He can extend that team-record hitting streak to 20 games on Friday night against Harrisonburg.

Before Friday's game, Francisco admitted that he was aware of the streak -- but wasn't worrying about it.

"I am, but I try not to focus on it a lot," he said. "I'm just going up there trying to focus on having quality at-bats, and I'm just really trying to get better for next season so I can help out ECU."

"I'm not really worrying about the results, just having quality a at-bat and then taking it from there," Francisco added.

Entering Friday's game, Francisco was hitting .451 in 91 plate appearances this summer -- four plate appearances shy of being eligible for the Valley League leaders in batting average. If he'd been eligible, Francisco would lead the league in hitting -- and also be fifth in the Valley with a .478 on-base percentage, and ninth in the league with a .585 slugging percentage.

Francisco's 24 RBI in his first 19 games already lead the Sox for the summer, while his 37 hits are second on the team and his six doubles are tied for second-most.

Tom Sox head coach Corey Hunt says assistant Branden Cogswell reported that Francisco was "a guy" after working with the infielder in the batting cage for the first time. Hunt says Francisco has been a big boost in the middle of the Tom Sox lineup, helping the team clinch its third straight Valley League playoff appearance this past weekend.

"You know you're going to get consistency out of a guy like that," Hunt said. "And he doesn't just only have power. He's got contact. He's got some speed. He's got all of the tools that a next-level type hitter has. From the first game until now he's been electric for us."