Husar's athletic and artistic background taught valuable lessons

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 Sports) When the ball hits the back of the net, Dani Husar and the Wahoos erupt in screams. But she has another side to her: with poise and discipline.

"Obviously, very tough and gritty when it came to athletics and field hockey but having a very poised and composed personality when it came to dance, made me feel very versatile,” said freshman midfielder Dani Husar. “I liked having those two aspects of my life."

Dani grew up in Canada, ready to compete in any way.

"if I can pick up a stick or chase a ball I'm always down to do that," said Husar.

At a young age, Dani began classical ballet training and studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

"It does take a lot of focus for things like piano and ballet where you need to focus on exact movements and being coachable and teachable really translated into field hockey," said Husar.

11 years of dance would end when her posture became affected:

"It was so hard for me to maintain good posture and turn out when I was also focusing on bending my knees constantly for field hockey and bending over," said Husar.

She only picked up field hockey in high school, playing soccer and ice hockey to that point.

"My mom played field hockey in university back at home in Canada, so she wanted me to get into it,” said Husar.

And since then, she has represented her home country as a member of the Canadian Junior National Team.

"When I first received my Canadian jersey with the Canadian flag on it, honestly the feeling is so incredible and so much pride came with it," said Husar.

When Dani steps on a stage, whether it be at a recital or on the field, she loves to perform under pressure.

"It is such an exciting experience because you're preparing and putting so much work into this one performance and you just get to display everything that you've learned and worked so hard for," said Husar.