PIT provides another chance for college seniors

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Justin Robinson missed 12 games during his senior season to impress NBA scouts at Virginia Tech. He wanted to take advantage of his time playing in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament.

Robinson finished with eight points, six rebounds and three assists in a championship game loss on Saturday. But he learned more with a step up in competition playing for the NBA scouts.

"There's a lot more space in this game than there was in college," Robinson said. "I can only imagine what its like in the NBA with a defensive three seconds, so overall, I think just being able to play with great players around me is big for me and just helps me showcase what I have."

Robinson wasn't the only former Hokies in Portsmouth. Ahmed Hill, playing for Cherry Bekaert, scored 41 points in three games.

"Its kind of hard," Hill said. "You know, we want to come in and we all auditioning for a job, so you try to come in and be the best. But then again, you can't let that get in your head. You just got to come out here and play basketball. That's the main thing."

Marial Shayok played in the Commonwealth for the first time since transferring from Virginia after the 2016-2017 season. He finished his college career at Iowa State and was named Big 12 tournament MVP as a senior.

Shayok was one of 64 seniors playing over the four days at the PIT for NBA scouts hoping for a chance to continue his basketball career. He highlighted the tournament with a single-game tournament high 37 points in a Thursday night win. He was named to the all-tournament team.

"Just trust in my work," Shayok said. "I've been working hard ever since the season ended. Just doing what I do and staying in the gym and trying to improve my game every day. Just trusting my work when I go out there."