Red Raiders' style helps prepare for UVA

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MINNEAPOLIS, Mn. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- We often hear the phrase "contrasting styles" when talking about an opponent playing Virginia. That is not the case against Texas Tech in the NCAA Tournament championship game Monday night.

The similarities almost write themselves. A vaunted defense and, by the numbers, an overlooked offense.

According to, Virginia and Texas Tech rank first and third nationally in defensive efficiency respectively. On the offensive end, the Wahoos are again number one why the Red Raiders check in at number five.

"I have a lot of confidence in our team offensively," said Texas Tech head coach Chris Beard. "We can score on all three different levels. We have, in my opinion, five green light shooters on this team. We've got iso guys, and its just been kind of a journey for us. But its always been our plan to be a good offensive team by February or March and I think we are."

Like the Cavaliers, it is their defense the Red Raiders ride. And they say that can only help against Virginia on Monday night.

"Everyone now adays is trying to run up and down and get as many possessions on offense as they can," said freshman guard Avery Benson, "but they slow it down. I mean, we pride ourselves on our half court defense, so finally we've got a game where we don't have to try to prepare for a bunch of transition offense."

"We just pride ourselves on defense and they're a great defensive team as well," said sophomore guard Jarrett Culver. "We're going to try to stay true to ourself and do what got us here. I feel like coach, they're going to have a great game plan and we just got to execute it."