STAB alumni continuing lacrosse careers together

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) -- Two former Saint Anne's-Belfield lacrosse players are getting the opportunity to continue their lacrosse careers together in college.

Annie Cory, a freshman midfielder for the Princeton Tigers, joins her former teammate, Julia Haney, a sophomore midfielder.

Cory says she has been playing lacrosse with Haney since the third grade.

After just a year without each other, they're happy to be back on the field together.

"Coming up to the collegiate level and getting to play with her again has been an amazing experience," Cory said. "It's been awesome for our friends and family. Julia has been such a good mentor to me all throughout my life but especially making the transition from high school to college. She told me what the team was like and about all of our traditions and how to fit in with the team. I think that has been really a helpful transition for my transition to the collegiate level."

"It's been crazy. Annie has been a friend of mine for so long and a teammate especially," Haney said. "Having the time at STAB together to make a difference on the field was so great but having her with me at Princeton is so special. She is such a talented player. I love being able to play alongside with her it's great."