Student Athlete of the Week: Becca Nordt

Lacrosse is all about taking the right angles in a game. For Becca Nordt, that will come in handy in her career as an architect she starts next year at Virginia.

"Its been a dream of mine for the past couple of years," Nordt, a senior defender on the Monticello girls lacrosse team said. "I've always been really creative and I love math, so putting those two things together, architecture seemed to fit pretty well."

On the lacrosse field, Nordt's coaches say she can stop any attacker one on one.

"She just blows my mind," said Monticello girls lacrosse coach Langley Sloan. "The girls look at her and see Becca is not just this really successful student, but she's extremely successful on the lacrosse field. Then she's just this steady heartbeat, this thump of our defense."

Nordt is also a senior captain for a young Monticello team that's been to the state final four in back-to-back seasons. That has been a goal of hers since early in her career at Monticello.

"All throughout my year's of lacrosse," Nordt said, "I've always looked up to the captains and their way of leadership and the respect that they give to the team. To be able to be selected to be a captain by my peers, is very rewarding."

"She's just really so mature for her age," Sloan added. "She doesn't let the little things get to her. She doesn't let calls get to her or questionable calls by her teammates. She just there to back them up and support them."

Before heading to Virginia next school year, Nordt said her main goal is to cherish the rest of her senior lacrosse season.

"They put a smile on my face every day I get to practice," she said. "Even if I haven't had a good day or I think I didn't have a good game, they are there for me."

"Becca is everything you want from a defender," Sloan said. "She's everything you want from an athlete and then for a teammate. To work as hard as Becca does work, that only means awesome things for our team."