Student Athlete of the Week: Allie Cognata

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CB19 SPORTS) -- If there's something to be said to a teammate, you can be assured Allie Cognata will be the one to say it.

"We're a very tough team," Cognata said. "We like to hear things straight on. Knowing my roll as a captain and saying 'OK, just get this done. These are our goals for our game.' And then we're good, so. It was something I knew we needed for our team especially."

"From her sophomore year being on varsity," Monticello volleyball coach Meg Carpenter said, "she has just grown in leadership to now be in her senior year is the obvious vocal leader on the team."

Cognata is one of the Mustangs' captains this season. That's a goal she set for herself at the beginning of her career.

"Knowing that the girls could trust me in those situations," Cognata said, "where we need to call something like that. The girls look up to me as a leader."

A determination to reach her goals and be the best she can be helped Cognata earn that captaincy.

"In every practice she's almost helping to run the drills because she's so determined to make her teammates better," Carpenter said. "If something doesn't go well she's like coach, lets do it again."

Its not just on the court Cognata is a leader at Monticello. She is a member of Monticello Mentors, where she helps students in elementary and middle school prepare for high school.

"Its something that I take pride in," Cognata said. "Just watching a lot of older people go through it, its been something I've enjoyed, especially working with little kids. Letting them come into Monticello and seeing how high school is."

"She's grown so much, even from when I saw her last season," Carpenter added. "She's grown tremendously and seeing that year by year its just going to continue to go."

Cognata ranks in the top 10 for Monticello in season and career kills.