Student Athlete of the Week: Allison Davis

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Most athletes say statistics don't motivate them. Monticello's Allison Davis says that is far from the truth for her.

"I definitely do look at the stats after the game," Davis said.

Davis ranks in the top-10 in Monticello volleyball history for blocks in a season and a career. But at the end of a game, its not her stats she's interested in. She's more interested in those of her teammates.

"It makes us feel really good because Meg (Carpenter) will put in the kills, the digs and the aces and it just, it gives us that confidence boost because its reassuring us that we really can do this," Davis explained.

"Regardless of the situation that we're facing, she is constantly like the team's biggest cheerleader," Monticello volleyball coach Meg Carpenter said. "Which is awesome."

As a senior, Davis is one of the Mustangs captains this season. She's spent her career cheering on her teammates whether she's, mostly, on, or off the court.

"Its a huge asset to the team to know that whether you're playing or not," Carpenter said, "whether you are in a winning situation or a losing situation or a tight game, she is just a constant motivator."

"I know we definitely play best when we're positive and talking on the court," Davis added. "That's what I try to do. I try to bring the positively to the court."

She uses that positive outlook to communicate with her teammates. But she learned how to communicate effectively off the court, as a member of Monticello Mentors, working with students in elementary and middle school.

"It definitely helps me with my communication skills," Davis said, "even though with this club I'm interacting more with the younger students. So its really important for us to make everybody feel comfortable. To make sure they feel at home because our team is our family. "

"That leadership with being the strongest encourager goes really far," Carpenter added. "People are going to want to follow her when that's the way someone leads. So I have no doubt she's going to do great things."