Student Athlete of the Week: Anna Baker

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STANARDSVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- There was a stretch in her junior year that Anna Baker scored on a free kick in three consecutive games. Its a memory her head coach says describes the now senior very well.

"You could see the look on her face when she stepped up to take the kick and you kind of knew," said William Monroe girls soccer coach Jeremy Lamm. "To have her turn around and that sly grin. You knew she was proud, you were proud. It was just a good feeling."

Baker is not known for being loud with her words. Instead, she prefers to let her play do the talking.

"I think that builds my confidence even more," she said, "and helps me be a better player."

"She's kind of like a silent assassin," Lamm added. "It shows the other girls too that you can be as good as her, but you don't have to be obnoxious about it. Just kind of go out there and let your play talk."

That confidence is something that is new to Baker in recent years. Now, she's ready every time she takes a step on the field for the Green Dragons.

"When I first started playing," Baker said, "I didn't have much confidence. That was something I definitely had to work on because its important to have that confidence on the field. I think I've built it up a lot."

That newfound confidence is taking Baker to college. She will suit up for West Virginia Tech in the fall.

"I love playing soccer," Baker said. "Its something that I'm good at so I'm happy that I can continue doing it."

"She puts it in," Lamm added. "She puts every effort she's got. What she doesn't do well, she's trying to ask you, trying to find out after each match, after each practice. Its always hey coach, what could I have done differently? Anything else you want to see from me, which, as a coach, you love."