Student Athlete of the Week: Ellie Quick

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Ellie Quick isn't going to be quick to yell at a fellow Mustang on the volleyball court when a mistake is made. Instead, she would rather show them.

"For me, I'm one of the quiet leaders on the team," Quick said. "So I kind of step in when I notice there's a hole. I think that's important because we have three very well spoken leaders who are the other captains."

"She's just out there and you can just watch her and know that she is soaking in everything that her teammates are saying," Monticello head coach Meg Carpenter added. "She's leading by example."

That lead by example approach has taken a few years to develop. Her head coach described her as the "teams biggest workhorse." That's showed since Quick started playing varsity volleyball and soccer as a sophomore.

"After sophomore year where I started feeling more comfortable with the team," Quick explained, "I was able to take some more leadership roles starting junior year and then ultimately as captain senior year."

"She's just a pure athlete," Carpenter added, "because her mentality is so strong and is not somebody who breaks down under pressure."

She started playing junior varsity soccer as an eighth grader and was shown the way to be a high school athlete.

Now she's the one mentoring people as captain with the Mustangs and a key member of Monticello Mentors.

"Being a part of that group, you learn to think about more than just yourself," Quick said. "You just think about the community as a whole and how your actions are going to effect everyone."

"She plays with such integrity that people believe just by watching her," Carpenter added. "They believe that 'oh my gosh, yeah, I can do that too.' When you see how strong she is as an athlete and how hard she works and is committed in that way."