Student Athlete of the Week: John Hornsby

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 Sports) -- From the first time he dove into a pool for Albemarle High School, John Hornsby had high expectations and responsibilities put onto his plate.

"John is a real good example and role model for someone who wants to set high goals and go after them," said Albemarle swim coach JJ Bean. "So, John's had responsibilities like that for a long time."

As a senior, Hornsby is one of the Patriots captains as well as one of their leading scorers. One of his main goals out of the pool was to bring the team closer together.

He has led events like gathering the team together to watch the College Football Playoff national championship game.

"If we're closer together as a swim team," Hornsby said, "we'll swim faster and if we all know that we have each other's backs, then we're always going to swim as fast as we can so that we can all participate as a team."

"They've really taken over and really taken it upon themselves to include everybody, to get to know everybody," Bean added. "Make sure we do things as a team. And make sure everyone feels a part of it."

Hornsby isn't sure where he will attend college next year, but plans to continue swimming. He said the thing he will miss the most about his time with the Patriots is the family atmosphere he feels responsible for helping create.

"Work hard, play hard, do things together," Bean said, "have fun and be a group. He has built that family atmosphere and hopefully we can keep carrying that on."

"I'm just going to miss the family aspect of the team," Hornsby added. "Over the past four years I've gotten to know people really well. I've gotten to know JJ really well and I've really enjoyed that."

"John really has had a lot of responsibilities his four years to do a great job," Bean said. "He's been a real constant all the way through as far as hard working, as far as setting goals and expecting himself to do well and then helping others to do that same thing."