Student Athlete of the Week: Kelsey Marks

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Kelsey Marks likes to be in control when she's on the volleyball court. There's one place she's found she has complete control at Albemarle High School.

"The one thing that you have control of that no one else can really effect you on is your serve," Marks said. "Its just you. You have to hit the ball over the net."

Marks also plays for the Patriots tennis team.

"Last year, she had an amazing year for us," Albemarle volleyball coach Mark Ragland added. "Led the team in assists and also service aces and actually ended up second in career for a season in service aces last season."

Marks' senior season has not gone as planned. An ankle injury suffered early in the preseason forced her to miss time on the court.

"Kelsey has handled that about as nobly as anybody could," Ragland said. "She's had a great attitude about it the entire time. She's supported her teammates."

"As much as that's a bummer for senior year, its just kind of, its just kind of how life goes I guess," Marks said. "I've kind of found a new role on the team."

That role is providing energy on the bench and cheering for her teammates.

What she's most proud of is her success off the court. As a student, Marks is a member of six honor societies at Albemarle High School, and she has a 4.7 GPA.

"You don't sleep very much," she said through a laugh. "That is for sure."

Marks said she wants to work with computers or something to do with math when she's finished with college. She complete a summer job rebuilding computers for Albemarle County schools.

"Its just kind of things that I've found along the way that I really enjoy doing so I've just stuck with them."

"She always wants to know more on how she can improve," Ragland said. "I will miss those questions. Sometimes I didn't have time to answer them like I wanted to during the middle of practice but its been a great banter for both of us."