Student Athlete of the Week: Lindsay Gunsallus

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS 19 SPORTS) -- It's all been about taking things one step at a time for Lindsay Gunsallus during her field hockey career at Monticello High School.

"Lindsay, I have had since she was in eighth grade," said Mustangs head coach Katie Martin, "and the amount of growth I have seen in her both as a field hockey player and as a person has been phenomenal."

Gunsallus started with the Mustangs five years ago. This year the goalkeeper was voted captain by her teammates.

"The girls really look up to me and respect me," Gunsallus said, "and I try to lead as best I can through my actions.

"She is always the first to give feed back when we are at halftime or a time out, Martin said. "She takes on the role of leader very easily and she kind of falls into it and steps up to that."

As a senior at Monticello, Gunsallus is an officer in four clubs around the school. But her success on the field, as well as off it haven't come without a price.

"I've really challenged myself over these four years," she said. "And I've taken classes that a lot of other people wouldn't take together at least. I definitely work hard in the classroom and on the field."

One of those challenges came away from Monticello. Gunsallus completed an internship with a local OB/GYN office. There, Gunsallus learned one of, what she calls, her most valuable lessons.

"I learned to ask questions and question a lot of things I didn't know, Gunsallus said. "So I think that really translates on to the field and with my superiors because I can ask questions and I feel more comfortable asking questions."

And that lesson has helped her on the field.

"Having that kind of leadership in the backfield," Martin said, "and really kind of steering what's happening on the field, its comforting as a coach to have that back there."