Student Athlete of the Week: Logyn Estes

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MADISON, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- There are few players that have careers like Logyn Estes at Madison County. She led the Mountaineers to a state championship two years ago, made the state tournament last season and was the state player of the year as a sophomore.

"I think its her drive just to be number one," Madison County softball coach Jesse Yowell said. "She tries her best, tries her hardest. Whether she's at practice, games, or whatever situations she might be in, she just gives 110 percent at all times."

"It just brings you such happiness to step on the field and play," Estes said. "You never want your season to be over. I feel like that's why we make it so far, because nobody wants it to end."

But Estes' senior season has not exactly gone as planned. Its been almost a month since she threw a pitch or played in a game after dislocating her shoulder at William Monroe.

"Its been really hard," Estes said, "not going to lie, to not be able to play my senior season because all I want to do is just play ball. Just trying to make sure my arm is taken care of before I go back out there."

"She's at every game," Yowell added, "every practice to be able to help her teammates in spirit if in nothing else."

"It would probably mean everything to be able to step on the field again," Estes added. "Just so grateful for how my teammates have been playing."

Even if she is not able to play again for the Mountaineers, her career is not over. Estes has signed to play softball at East Carolina in college.

"I'm just really excited to play ball there," she said, "and I'm just so grateful that I have a chance to continue my softball career somewhere else."

"She used to be my bat girl when she was eight or nine years old many years ago," Yowell said, "to where she is today. Its her drive to work and will to win that I think has helped her get to that."

"It never gets old just hearing those people support you so much," Estes said, "and love you so much. Its just been a great ride here."