Student Athlete of the Week: Makayla Taylor

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MADISON, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Its not often that Makayla Taylor doesn't find the back of the net for the Madison County girls soccer team.

"There are all different ways that she scores and half the time," said Madison County girls soccer coach Bruce Parker, "you don't know how it was 'til you watch it on tape."

The Mountaineers leading scorer says the success in her senior year has come from years of hard work.

"I've been working hard," Taylor said. "I was waiting for it to pay off and I guess it paid off."

"She doesn't quit," Parker said. "She goes after it. You can see it on the field. She's not the biggest kid out there, but she finds a way to get her foot on the ball."

Taylor will play college soccer at Eastern Mennonite.

"Going to college to play means everything," she said. "I've been working towards that for forever. I started playing travel ball hoping that I could achieve that goal and it ended up paying off."

"That's all on her," Parker said.

As a senior, Taylor has served as captain of not only the girls soccer team, but also on the basketball court for Madison County. And she took a lead by example approach.

"Its not that she doesn't have something to say," Parker said, "but usually she's going to lead in a quieter way where she's talking to different people."

"I don't believe that yelling at someone's always going to do it," Taylor added. "If I go out there and work hard and people are seeing me work hard, hopefully they'll follow."

Through all the personal success, Taylor knows she can still get better and her humbleness has caused people to turn their heads.

"Its a rare person, you know, that doesn't thrive off the accolades," Parker said. "She knows what she wants, and she goes after it. And she gets it. She makes sure she gets it."

Taylor was a first team all-Bull Run District selection as a senior. Taylor and the Madison County girls soccer team will begin region play on the road next Tuesday.