Student Athlete of the Week: Makenna Santinga

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MADISON, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Makenna Santinga was a starter on the Madison County volleyball team the day she walked on campus. Then she earned starting spots for the Mountaineers basketball and soccer teams.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Santinga said. "One of my biggest goals when I was little was I wanted to play all three sports. I wanted to be good at all three sports and then go play."

Santinga is a three-time all-Bull Run district selection in volleyball, including as a senior and a two-time all district performer in soccer. She was the Bull Run volleyball player of the year as a junior, and helped the Mountaineers clinch their first state tournament berth as a senior.

She is also ranked 22nd in her senior class at Madison County High School.

"She has good balance," Madison County volleyball coach Carrie Hardy said. "She's been doing this for four or five years now for Madison and she's got it down to a science with balancing everything."

"When I'm playing two sports at one time, my grades are better," Santinga added. "I think its more that I'm like, well, I know that I have practice this day and this day and I have a tournament this weekend, so I know that I need to do this right now. You know, its time management."

As a senior, Santinga is focused on helping the younger players on all her teams get better. She's doing that by instilling a mindset to just have fun.

"She has a good report with the rest of the team," Hardy said. "She makes everyone around her better and she really pushes and challenges the rest of the kids on the team."

"I just love it," Santinga said. "To me, its just pretty easy to be like, OK, let's go. Because everybody's having fun. When one person's having fun the next person will have fun and that's when you find yourself growing because everyone's working hard and enjoying it."

"She works hard," Hardy added. "You never have to ask her to ask her to work hard, which is great. She always wants to be better. She wants to make the people around her better. Its really special. Those types of players leave lasting impacts on a program."