Student Athlete of the Week: Molly Earle

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STANARDSVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Whether she's on the soccer pitch at William Monroe or on her couch at home, Molly Earle is all about soccer.

"Molly's one of those players that watches a ton of soccer," said William Monroe girls soccer coach Jeremy Lamm, "so she'll text me and say 'hey, did you see this goal or what did you think of this formation.' As a coach, you love that because they're kind of keeping you on your toes."

"I really enjoy getting to take out whatever frustration with school I have on the soccer field," Earle said, "stay active and all that good stuff and make really good connections with my teammates."

"On the field, she's truly probably the first one out here ready to go," Lamm added. "If she doesn't have a ball at her feet, she's trying to get the other girls out and passing."

Described as a natural born leader, Earle's is one voice her coach always expects to hear at halftime.

"Molly's one of the first one's, especially at halftime," Lamm said, "well, I've noticed this or I've noticed that. You make your adjustments and again, its like having another coach out there."

When her soccer career is finished at William Monroe, Earle is heading to the University of Richmond to earn a degree in business, but she's already got some business experience of her own.

"I was 11, and I watched Food Network's 'Cupcake Wars' actually," Earle said. "When I saw how they were making cupcakes from scratch and making profits off of that, I thought that was really cool and I wanted to try it myself."

That's where the idea for Munchie's Cupcakes was born.

"They're pretty amazing," Lamm said. "Not going to lie. They're one of the favorite treats when we have a soccer banquet."

"Its been a lot of fun," Earle said. "I've definitely learned like a lot of interpersonal skills and entrepreneurial skills that I hope to apply when I study business more at school."

"It shows you the kind of drive she has," Lamm added. "I think inside the classroom, outside the classroom, on the soccer pitch, she just, what she's passionate about, she takes it in and she's going to make it happen."