Student Athlete of the Week: Robert Wood

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- In the recent production of 'Footloose' at the Covenant School, senior Robert Wood was the star of the show.

"Was not expecting to get the lead this year, for sure," Wood said with smile on Thursday.

"Sometimes we see the kids better than they see themselves. Most of the time, I would say," said Covenant arts teacher Jerry King, who headed production of the musical. "So we could see in him all the goods to bring this character to life. And we were right."

"It was amazing," Wood said. "Really stressful, but really, really incredible."

With that performance, Wood added 'male lead in the school musical' to a resume at Covenant that also includes roles as captain of both the boys soccer and boys tennis teams, and a 4.37 GPA in the classroom.

"I love academics," Wood admitted with a laugh.

"He quite often brings more questions to a classroom discussion than I do, as the teacher," said Bryan Verbrugge, Wood's coach on the boys soccer team.

"He's one of the easiest kids to work with," said King. "He thinks deeply. He cares very passionately."

"I find that when you're really interested in the things that you're learning, and seeking after the truth and the beauty in all of the classes," Wood explained, "the grades usually -- not always -- come naturally."

Wood and his boys tennis teammates began preseason practice this week. As a sophomore, he played on Covenant's VISAA Division II state title team. The Eagles followed that up by reaching the state championship match again last spring.

Last fall, Wood was the only senior on the Covenant boys soccer team that reached the state semifinals. He was a VISAA all-state first team selection, and scored five goals for the Eagles.

"He doesn't have a day off. He doesn't have a bad day," Verbrugge said. "The team loves being around him, and they feed of his consistency, his energy."

"Humbling at times, losing in the state semifinal," Wood said. "But really good bonding experiences, and I think the relationships that have been built in those will last me for a really long time."

Wood has not settled on college plans yet. He's applied to Virginia, James Madison and William and Mary, and says he may want to become an English teacher.

At Covenant, they're confident Wood will be a success, no matter his path.

"That's the kind of student we want to send out the door. Someone who's inquisitive, and thinks about a lot of things from a lot of angles, deeply," King said. "So the number of possibilities are many."