Student Athlete of the Week: Sabrina Shisbey

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- A common question on college applications is to ask the applicant about their main activity in high school. For Albemarle High School's Sabrina Shisbey, that hasn't been the easiest question to answer.

"I've grown up being well rounded, per say," Shisbey said, "with music and sports and school, but I think that does shape me to who I am in a positive light."

"Everything she does on the outside of school, inside the classroom, for this team, is just her leadership," said Albemarle girls basketball coach Rachel Proudfoot.

When she's not making plays on the basketball court or softball field for the Patriots, Shisbey can probably be found with an instrument in her hands.

Shisbey is a member of the Albemarle High School marching band, playing saxophone. She is also first chair in the Albemarle wind ensemble playing saxophone. She said she started taking piano lessons at a young age, and plays the guitar and drums at her church every week.

"She could probably pick up a stick and make music out of it," Proudfoot said.

"Music helps me destress in a way. I love playing," Shisbey added. "Just like basketball, its all about the play and I love it."

As a junior, she was a first team all-region selection in softball. For the Patriots basketball team, Shisbey won the character award, and her coach says that says more about her as a person.

"Sabrina is exceptional in my eyes," Proudfoot said. "She's always been a silent leader. She'll pick a ninth grader up and say let's go. She embraces their success as well on the court. So that really makes her special for us."

Now, Shisbey is preparing to play her way into the future. She said while thinking about what to study in college, she is considering being a teacher.

"When marching band ended this past November," Shisbey remembered, "I was in tears because this place has meant a lot to me. But, we move on, so, it will be good."

"I think I'll miss her spirit," Proudfoot said. "She's just a kid that you don't see all the time. You see her smile and she really loves to be here, which is a big part of what we do."

Shisbey also is a competitive swimmer and works as a lifeguard.