Student Athlete of the Week: Sophia Shepherd

Sophia Shepherd plays field hockey, lacrosse and runs track at Monticello High School, so she likes to stay busy.

"I've never gone home after school before," she said.

The Monticello senior has played those three sports every year in high school.

"It's been really cool to see how much she's grown over the years," said her field hockey coach, Katie Martin. "So I nominated her because she's probably my most improved player and she's become a really big asset to our team."

Shepherd has been able to grow as an athlete while also giving time to other passions, like photography. Last year, she won a contest to have a photo she took hang in the county office building.

"I was actually really excited," she remembered. "I was actually kind of confused because I went to the mall to look at the photo just on display and there was a little blue dot next to it and I was like oh what does that mean? Then I got a piece of paper that said it was being displayed in the county office building which was exciting."

She also plays in the school orchestra, which she says helps her performance on the field.

"It makes you think in a different way than you usually do just doing math and science and stuff," she explained. "So I use being creative on the field as well because you can see things in a different way than just structured plays."

Martin and Shepherd both say her busy schedule has helped her grow as an athlete and as a person.

"So it's one thing I've noticed as well in her development is that she's kind of learning her limits to make sure she's taking care of herself as well as getting everything else done.

"It's kind of like a full time job. Going to school, doing sports, doing photography. It's kind of you don't really have down time, so it's someone that embodies all of those things."