Student Athlete of the Week: Stacey Calderon-Castillo

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STANARDSVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- When you've got a defender like Stacey Calderon-Castillo on your team, any coach would feel comfortable defensively heading into almost any game.

"She's smart. She's fast. She's deadly," said William Monroe girls soccer coach Jeremy Lamm.

"If you think you've beat our back line," Lamm added, "out of nowhere, here comes Stacey and she's making a stop."

"Its really reassuring for me," Calderon-Castillo said, "like sometimes if I mess up or something, he's always like encouraging me. Saying, its ok, focus on the next play."

A gifted athlete, Lamm first saw her playing basketball in the eighth grade and, in his words, she stood out by jumping out of the gym. That's when he knew he had a good one coming to him to play soccer.

"She's everywhere," he said."You blink and you think she's out of the picture and there she is."

Calderon-Castillo will head to the University of Richmond to study foreign relations after graduating in the top-10 of her senior class at William Monroe. Her academic prowess helps her on the field more than some would guess.

"Its helped me like complex thinking," she said, "analyzing things. Just really thinking things through. When I'm stepping to someone, I know when to, just thinking every play through."

It also helped her adjust to being thrust into a leadership role as a junior when a captain went down with injury. Now a senior, being a captain full time now has been an easy transition.

"She steps on the field and just being as smart and knowing the game as well as she does, the girls, they're confident in whatever Stacey says goes," Lamm said.

"Last year, it helped us because we kind of were able to start out in that way," Calderon-Castillo said. "So this year, we've kind of already had the experience of how to lead things."

"From her freshman year when we pulled her up at the end of the season to go into the playoffs with us," Lamm added, "its like she's never left the field since. She just, she has a presence about her and she just comes through all the time."