CBIC Panel Discusses Space Needs for Innovation

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There's talk of creating more opportunities for new businesses in the Charlottesville area. The Charlottesville Business Innovation Council hosted an event at the Haven Thursday to discuss the needs companies have as they develop from startup through growth and more mature phases.

The panel included Delegate David Toscano.

They met to discuss the issue of space, especially for tech companies. Officials say the goal is to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development in the area.

Martin Chapman, CBIC Vice Chair explains what "There are problems with entrepreneurs initially getting start up space, but also when you have bigger companies, growing companies - they want to get two thousand to ten thousand square feet of space. It's really difficult in the Charlottesville area and we want to encourage real estate investors and interested parties to actually push for that kind of development."

Another goal is to develop a flagship facility where tech companies can locate and recruit tech companies from other parts of the country.