Cale Elementary Wins $5,000 in Jingle Competition

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December 16, 2014

Students at Cale Elementary School in Albemarle County won $5,000 for their creative take on a local company's jingle.

Michael & Son Services held the competition to bring new life to their jingle. 5th graders at Cale created an original music video of them singing the jingle, and acting out different scenarios.

It took five students a month to brainstorm ideas and shoot the video. They said the experience taught them a lot about collaboration and teamwork.

"I think we put all of our personalities into this video," said student Sway Adams,

"I'm glad that they chose us. We have all the talent in us, and I think that's the magical part about working together," student Makenzie Maupie said.

Teachers at Cale say the money will go towards iPads, the Spanish immersion program and supplies picked out by the kids.