Supervisors Delay Decision On New Red Light Cameras

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August 8, 2014

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors were planning on having a public hearing session next week before they green-lighted the project.
Now it's on hold.

The plan was to install a red light camera, as part of the photo-safe program, at the intersection on Greenbrier and 29.

Supervisor Ann Mallek believes the cameras have worked at the Rio Road intersection.

"The difference now at Rio Road compared to before is astonishing and I see really scary situations at Greenbrier all the time."

There are some other things to to consider on road.

For starters, the millions of dollars in improvements scheduled for that route during the next few years.

Some members of the board wanted to wait on the light until after the completion of the expansion project.

Supervisor Brad Sheffield was opposed to moving forward so quickly with the cameras.

"Maybe we wait to see what the impacts of these transportation improvements are. I'm a bigger proponent of trying to improve the traffic management of these intersections before we look at implementing things like the red light cameras.

He believes they should be a last resort for safety and the county should wait to see how the traffic improvement investments along the corridor work.

"I think now we have the money to actually make some changes, lets see what those do first."

Albemarle Police Chief Steve Sellers had already voiced concern about putting up the cameras while the construction of the road was happening.