UVa Medical Center Making App to Help People with HIV

February 26, 2013

Doctors at UVa. Medical Center are hoping to help help HIV patients with a smartphone app.

Doctors say on average, newly diagnosed patients miss about two appointments which can cause their health to worsen.

Once completed, the smartphone app will be able send reminders, medical information and feedback from doctors.

"So, in order to help people keep track of the way the manage their disease, there will be an opportunity to monitor (how well am I'm taking my medicine, how has my mood been, how am I doing with substance abuse) and that feedback will be seen not only by the individual but also by the provider so that there can be real time response," said Dr. Rebecca Dillingham, UVa. School of Medicine.

Dr. Dillingham says the app is not meant to replace medical care, but rather help patients with their HIV care.

Doctors are still developing the app. The new program is slated to begin recruiting patients in the summer.