Veg-Off Competition at Buford Middle School

Sept. 24, 2014

Buford Middle School students held a Veg-Off competition Wednesday, and it had nothing to do with lying around on a couch the whole time.

In today's competition, a team of students had to present two dishes to 500 of their classmates that included a secret ingredient from the school's garden.

The secret ingredient this year was the carrot.

Teachers say the competition is a great way to teach kids how to eat healthy.

"It ties in the garden all the way to the table so they can see the carrots growing in the ground and now they can prepare them and taste them,” said Garden Coordinator Emily Axelbaum. “Getting that connection is really important. There's even a statistic that seventy-seven percent of students that grow their own food are then more likely to taste and try vegetables."

The winning dish will then be served at Buford's Fall Harvest Festival this Friday.