Van Arsdale continuing lacrosse career

Former Wahoo, Owen Var Arsdale, was a member of the Virginia men’s lacrosse team. He also was a Saint at Saint Anne’s-Belfield. He was named an All-American last year, during his final season with Virginia.

Even after graduating, Van Arsdale has kept the sport a part of his life. He is the Program Director for the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership Organization.

During halftime of Virginia's game against Syracuse, Friday night, the Harlem Lacrosse program got a chance to play under the lights at Klöckner. Van Arsdale said getting to play lacrosse at STAB and for UVA was a dream come true, he wanted to show that to these kids.

"I just wanted to give them the opportunity to come down to Charlottesville and to see what hard work; dedication to the game can get you as a student-athlete. I think that some of these kids are going to be college lacrosse players one day and I wanted them to get the chance to come to a college campus, see what being a student-athlete is like. It's just giving these kids an opportunity to shine,” said Van Arsdale.