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WCAV is making a change to transmitter signal that will affect anyone who receives our signal with a TV antenna. Anyone receiving CBS19, FOX27, and Ion Television on an antenna WILL lose the signal to these channels until the rescan is performed. 

Rescan Day is December 1. If you watch CBS19, FOX27, or ION Television over the air, you’ll need to rescan your televisions on December 1 to continue receiving our signal.

Cable and satellite dish viewers do not need to do anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rescan my TV?

To perform a rescan of your television receiver, use your remote control to access your TV's menu screen. You should be able to find a setting like: "Scan for channels," or "Channel search." When you select that and press "Enter," your TV will automatically search the airwaves and update your TV's channel listing. When this is complete, you will once again have access to 

CBS19, FOX27, and Ion Television.

For most TVs, performing a rescan include these simple steps:

  • Use your remote to access the MENU system on your television
  • While on the TV (or TUNER) input, select the ANTENNA setting (if applicable)
  • Find the option labeled "Scan for channels," "Channel search," or something similar, and select that with your remote 
  • Your TV will automatically search the airwaves for all available local channels
Once this rescan is complete, you should be able to CBS19, FOX27, Ion Television access as usual.

My TV doesn't have that, what should I do?
You may want to perform a Google search for your specific TV brand, or refer to your TV's user manual for step-by-step guide.

How soon will my channels reset?
It varies from TV to TV, but the rescan should take only a few minutes and your new channels should show up right away.

What happens if I don't rescan on Rescan Day?
You will not see WCAV on your TVs that are connected to an antenna.

What if I scan before Rescan Day?
No harm, but you also will not pick up our new frequency. You cannot pick up the new frequency until Rescan Day.

Is this happening to other stations? Why are stations like WCAV changing their frequencies?
Yes. We are required by law (and the Federal Communications Commission) to change our frequency. The country's entire "frequency spectrum" is being realigned to provide more efficient use of the airwaves. 

Will your channels still be the same?
Yes, we will still be airing on channels 16.1, 19.1, 19.2, 19.4, 27.1, and 27.2.

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