Sentara Martha Jefferson's Traveler's Clinic, located with the Medical and Surgical Associates, offers a full range of services for pre-travel, in-travel and post-travel needs.

Dr. Keri Hall and her team can help you prepare for your trip by giving an individualized risk assessment based on where you are going and what you plan to do when you are there.

"We look for all the various risks that are associated with that location, which includes infection risks, preventing infections, but also other things that may be pertinent to where they're going that aren't related to infections but represent significant health hazards," Hall said.

They can also offer advice on bug bites, food, water and other potential risks you may encounter.

"Most, if not all, of the infections can be prevented just by following expert advice from a travel clinic and also sometimes by getting vaccines or medicines before you travel," Hall said.

Whether you are traveling for fun, for business or for mission work, Hall says it is important to come by the clinic four to six weeks before leaving to make sure you are healthy and have the right information to help you stay healthy while away.

"Every once and while I'll see someone whose life has totally changed forever from something that has happened to them while traveling,” Hall said. “These things can be prevented, so we decided to go ahead and start a travel clinic to help keep people safe when they travel."

Before heading out on your next trip, be sure to stop by the Traveler's Clinic to make sure it's one you won't want to forget.

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