CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- After Saturday's loss to Syracuse, Tony Bennett described the Wahoos as a "work in progress," especially on the offensive end.

"Our inexperience certainly shows at times," Bennett said, "Sometimes our inability to stick a shot again against this zone you got to get to the high post, knock down some shots."

During the Cavaliers two-game losing streak, Virginia has shot just 31.9 percent from the field. On the season The Wahoos have shot 39 percent, which ranks 325th in the NCAA.

"Those are all parts of being inexperienced and at times unsure in those spots and not feeling confident, so you learn from it," Bennett said, "And that's why I said I got to put some guys up there that will look at it a little more."

From beyond the arc things only get worse for Virginia, shooting 26.9 percent from distance, which is sixth to last in the country. Of the bottom six in 3-pt field goal percentage, only Virginia and Texas A&M have winning records.

Bennett's next step in that "work in progress" is getting his shooters to build up the confidence.

"A couple times Kody [Stattmann], he didn't even want to look at it and that's hard," Bennett said, "If you don't feel like you're going to make it or your shot is not there, I think sometimes you have to step in and take them."