WASHINGTON (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality is getting some federal funding to maintain, protect and improve the quality of the water in the Commonwealth's rivers, lakes, groundwater and other bodies of water.

Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine announced the nearly $438,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday.

"We are glad to see these federal dollars go towards maintaining health bodies of water across Virginia and making water quality assessment data more transparent and accessible," said the senators.

According to a release, the DEQ will use the funding to help prevent the degradation and reduce the number of impaired bodies of water in Virginia.

It will also help create a user-friendly interface to complete water quality assessments and allow for easy access to water monitoring assessment data.

The funding will also help create flood probability zones based on tide records and sea level rise projections and map well locations and assess potential flood risks through 2100.

The DEQ will also develop database guidance and analytical protocols for extending the analysis to other localities.

The release adds the funding is coming from a Water Pollution Control grant, which helps states and interstate agencies establish and maintain adequate measures to prevent and control surface and groundwater pollution from point and nonpoint sources.