Numerology Number

You’ve probably dabbled in astrology before, learning your zodiac sign and reading your horoscope.

But have you ever delved into the world of numerology, where you can uncover how the numbers in your life carry meaning and significance?

If you haven’t, figuring out your life number is a great place to start.

Let’s learn a little more about numerology and how to figure out your life number.

Numerology 101: What the Heck is Numerology?

Before you go through all the trouble of figuring out your life path number, you might be interested in learning more about what numerology is and it’s history.

The term numerology can refer to any belief in a mystical or divine relationship between events and numbers.

Remember the Pythagorean Theorem from math class? No sweat if you don’t. Interestingly, the same guy who came up with the equation that expresses the fundamental relationship between the lengths of the sides of a right triangle is considered the father of Western numerology.

Pythagoras was a pretty interesting character, founding a belief system called Pythagoreanism which gained many followers. There is a lot of myth and uncertainty surrounding the true-life events of Pythagoras, but it’s known that he and his followers studied mathematics, music, and philosophy from a mystical perspective.

Pythagoras and his followers weren’t the only people to believe in sacred reality to numbers, though.

The Babylonians assigned numerical values to gods, stars, planets, and objects. Ancient Egyptians considered certain numbers to be holy, sacred, or magical, specifically the numbers 2, 3, 4, and 7, as well as their sums and multiples.

All that being said, how can numerology information help your life? Numerology can be viewed as a universal language of numbers, and by studying the numbers in your life you can uncover information about yourself and the world.

How to Figure Out Your Life Number

Even if math wasn’t your strongest subject in school, figuring out your life number is fairly simple. All you need to determine your life number is your birthday and simple addition.

Let’s say for example your birthday is December 28, 1989. We’re going to take each element of your birthdate (month, day, year) each separately first before combining them to find your life number.

The first important thing to know is that double-digit numbers are always reduced by adding the two digits together except for the numbers 11, 22, and 33. These numbers are known as Master Numbers and have special meaning.

Since December is the twelfth month, the first number we’ll deal with is 12. Because numerology doesn’t deal in double digits (except 11, 22, and 33) you’ll take the individual numbers, 1 and 2, and add them together to get 3.

Next, we’ll do the same to the number 28, adding 2+8 to get 10. Since 10 is once again a double-digit number, we’ll break it down further, adding 1+0 to equal 1.

Now it’s time to deal with the year of your birth. In our example the year is 1989, so we will all 1+9+8+9, which equals 27. Again, we’ll break down this double-digit number by adding the two digits together, 2+7 equally 9.

Finally, we’ll add each of the resulting numbers together, 3+1+9. This equals 13, which will again be added together to come to a single digit. By adding 1 and 3 together, we get the number 4, which is the life path number for an individual born on 12/28/1989.

Depending on your birthday, this process could be much shorter for you. If you were born on 2/1/2000, for example, you will come to the life path number of 5 with many fewer steps.

What Does Your Life Number Mean?

Once you’ve determined your life path number, you’ll want to look into the number meanings in numerology.

Ones: The Father

The number one is the root from which all other numbers stem. Ones are energetic, aggressive doers. With an urge to be a protector as well as a drive to achieve your goals, ones are natural leaders.

Twos: The Mother

Two is considered to be a feminine number. With gentle, nurturing, and creative tendencies, twos are natural-born peacekeepers.

Threes: The Charismatic Child

Threes are often the center of attention without even trying, possessing an inborn charisma. Extroverted and creative, threes can also be disorganized and oblivious.

Fours: The Dependable One

Fours are logical, stable, orderly, and methodical. If four is your life number, people see you as patient and trustworthy, but maybe not as the life of the party. That’s probably okay with you, though, since fours tend to dislike the limelight and public attention.

Fives: The Free Spirit

Uninhibited, unpredictable, and independent, fives are adventurous souls. Averse to monotony, fives tend to constantly seek new stimulating experiences. If you’re a five, know that your tolerant nature could lead you to be a poor judge of character.

Sixes: The Nurturer

Like a caring mother, sixes are dedicated to the protection of those they love. Naturally gifted in the role of counselor, sixes are generally well-liked and well respected. While sixes are generally very stable, this can turn on its head if someone disrupts the peace that they so desperately want to instill.

Sevens: The Philosopher

Both creative and logical, sevens are naturally curious, charming, and witty. Sevens are interested in the unknown and solving problems others see as a lost cause. If you’re a seven, know that the downside of your number is the potentials for a life of solitude and loneliness.

Eights: The Practical Professional

Focused on business, finances, authority, and career, eights tend to value luxury and fiscal success. This doesn’t mean that eight aren’t spiritual, though, but rather that their spirituality is contained within a realm of practicality and realism.

Nines: The Tolerant Humanitarian

Nines are driven by a strong sense of morality and a desire to help others. With a deep connection to the reality that we are all connected in one global consciousness, nines are likely to view a complete stranger and their best friend as interchangeably important.

Elevens: The Energetic Visionary

Intuitive, energetic, and sensitive, elevens are like amplified versions of twos. Frequently living lives with both a visionary energy and turmoil, elevens are insightful but prone to high anxiety and stress.

Twenty Twos: The Master Builder

Sharing many characteristics with fours, twenty twos are confident, pragmatic, disciplined, and ambitious. Possessing the potential for extreme power and success, it can be hard for twenty twos to deal with failure when it does come.

Numerology: Helping You Make Sense of Your Self and Your Life!

You can use this system to learn more about yourself as well as your family and friends. It’s a lot of fun and can be incredibly valuable!

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