A social media personality has pleaded guilty to two gun charges stemming from a January standoff in Charlottesville.

Bryan Silva pleaded guilty Monday afternoon in Charlottesville Circuit Court to brandishing a firearm and a felon in possession of a gun.

When he arrived in court, CBS 19's Cherney Amhara asked him if he has anything to say, Silva replied, "I'm getting out today, free your boy."

The 25 year old was charged for a Jan. 3 incident on Jefferson Park Avenue when his 17-year-old girlfriend told police he had threatened her with a gun and held her against her will.

Silva was arrested following the hours-long standoff that he was live-streaming on Facebook.

Silva entered the plea in front of his mother and older brother, with his lawyer John March by his side. As part of the plea agreement, a felony abduction charge was dropped.

"It's a much better result than the abduction felony charge," said March. "So we're happy with that."

Under the deal, Silva will be released from jail on Tuesday on a $20,000 bond and placed on house arrest at his mother's until his sentencing in July.

However, the house arrest conditions are not typical and have strict rules. Silva is not allowed to use social media, which is his claim to fame and income.

"I know he's excited to follow the terms and conditions set forth by the judge today," said March. "So he's not going to be on the Internet."

Silva is also not allowed to be home alone. He's required to wear a GPS tracking device and not allowed to go back to the home on Jefferson Park Avenue where the standoff took place.

Still, the case is only half over.

"We'll ask for a pre-sentence report and we'll come back sometime in July for sentencing, we hope for good results at sentencing," said March. "I think he's had some time to reflect on who he is and he's grown as an individual, and I think the court will see that."

In court the prosecutor said they reached the plea deal after speaking with the girl. The prosecutors said their main concern was the young lady's safety, but she has left the Commonwealth and is in favor of the plea deal, saying she does not want to go through trial.

After some reluctance, the judge agreed to Silva's house arrest request. The judge set strict conditions in order to ensure that Silva is not a danger to himself or others. Silva's family assured the judge they would be responsible for him.

Until he reappears in court, Silva must live with his mother in Orange County.

Silva is due back for sentencing on July 5, when the judge will also hear another charge for Silva on contempt of court.

Silva faces a maximum of six years behind bars and a fine of up to $5,000.