About a hundred Verizon workers have taken to the streets near the company's offices in Philadelphia, chanting "Scabs, go home!" at non-union replacement workers.

About 2,000 Verizon landline and cable workers are on strike in the Philadelphia area.

The workers are lobbying for job security, fair wages and keeping jobs from going overseas. Their contract expired in August.

Karen Lane, of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union local tells WPVI-TV: "We can't keep sending these good, middle-class, paying jobs overseas."

A stretch of Race Street, in the city's Chinatown section, is closed to accommodate the rally.

In New York, Mike Panzerino, a treasurer of CWA Local 1118, says between 300 and 400 union members walked a picket line outside the company's office in downtown Albany, where workers set up an inflatable "greedy pig" and rat.

About 39,000 members of the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in nine eastern states and Washington, D.C. went on strike Wednesday morning.

Panzerino says "We're tired of fighting with the company. All we're asking for is a fair contract and they don't want to give it to us."

And a spokesman for Verizon says the company is very disappointed that union leadership has called the strike.

Spokesman Rich Young says Verizon has been trying to work with union leadership for the past few months to come up with a fair contract. He says "unfortunately, they have been unwilling to negotiate in good faith and have now called this job action."

Young says Verizon has trained thousands of non-union workers to fill in for the striking workers.

He says "we will be there for our customers."

Young says the unions' talk about offshoring jobs and cutting jobs is "absolute nonsense. These contracts have provisions that were put in place decades ago. They need to be modernized. They need to take a look at where the business stands in 2016."