On Saturday, the three Kroger locations in the Charlottesville and Albemarle County area hosted job fairs.

"We're doing interviews today, drug tests, and everything else," said Justin Cording, the Co-Manager of the Kroger store at Barracks Road Shopping Center. "That way, they're able to start working tomorrow."

Cording has worked at Kroger for eight years, and says he has enjoyed his time.

"I'm very grateful," he said. "I started out just bagging people's groceries, and now I am a Co-Manager. It's a great place to move up and make a career."

Not everyone agrees with Cording. In fact, some fellow employees of the same store might be going on strike this week.

"We were in contract negotiations," said Sarah Williams, the assistant produce manager at the Barracks Road Shopping Center location. "And basically, they didn't offer us anything that was worth us agreeing too."

According to Williams, and her union, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, also called the Local 400, Kroger offered many employees a contract that employees considered to be unfair.

"Things like a personal day that we can't use until 2019, 20 cent raises for part-time employees per year, and 25 cent raises for full-time employees," said Williams. "We just want to be treated with respect."

A total of 3,000 employees across 41 Kroger stores are a part of this union. On May 18, the union will be meeting to discuss the contract offered by Kroger. If the general body of the union votes to deny it, the union employees will go on strike.

"Our business is our business here, and honestly we just want a fair fight with it," said Williams.

When asked about the potential protests, Cording said he couldn't comment on the issue, and that the main communications team would be better at answering it. They didn't respond in time for this story.

Despite the feud, Williams says that she doesn't want people to stop shopping at Kroger.

"Honestly our customers make us as wealthy as we are," she said.

"And the reason that we feel like we deserve more money."

Thousands of Kroger associates in the region worked without a contract for almost a week while union representatives debated with Kroger representatives. Currently, those Kroger employees are now operating under their old contract guidelines until the current issue gets resolved.

The meeting will take place on May 18, in Salem, Virginia.