RICHMOND, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Virginia Department of Education wants to hear from the community regarding proposed changes to the state’s Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 state plan.

The first proposed change involves a waiver for students who are below eighth grade and who are enrolled in advanced math courses.
According to a release, this exemption would allow such students to take the end-of-course Standards of Learning test that is aligned with their math course instead of the grade level SOL math test for the grade in which they are enrolled.
The VDOE applied for and was approved for this waiver in 2018.
The release says this flexibility had previously been granted to students in the eighth grade as part of the waivers included in the ESSA.
Students who use these flexibilities will also have to take a higher level end-of-course math test while enrolled in high school to meet assessment requirements under the ESSA.
The release says under the current Consolidated State Plan, these students have to pass the Algebra I SOL before ninth grade so the will be eligible for the Geometry or Algebra II SOL to meet federal assessment requirements in high school.
It adds that this proposed amendment changes the language to let students use the Geometry or Algebra II SOL assessments to fulfill the accountability requirements if the student tool the Algebra I SOL before ninth grade, regardless of whether they passed or not.
Another proposed change is related to the education of migratory children.
The release says the objectives of Title I, Part C are updated periodically.
This amendment directs the U.S. Department of Education to look at the VDOE’s Title I, Part C webpage.
The third proposed change would expand the list of state-level activities supported by Title IV, Part A funding.
The change would include support for Local Education Agencies in identifying and addressing technology readiness needs, technology infrastructure and access, Internet connectivity, data security, data privacy, and E-rate participation.
Comments on these proposed changes can be submitted electronically until Oct. 14 by sending an email to [email protected].
To view the ESSA state plan, click here.