FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A local water tower has been named one of the best-painted water tanks in the country.

According to a release, the Zion Crossroads Water and Sewer System water tower design was ranked as the 10th best logo painted in 2020.

“The Zion Crossroads Water and Sewer System water tower welcomes everyone to Fluvanna so we made it a priority to give a great first impression. The water tower is a wonderful addition to the growth area that will welcome visitors, residents and future business owners for years to come,” said Bryan Rothamel, Fluvanna’s Economic Development Coordinator.

The logo on the water tower is a variation of the county’s official logo with a canoer on a river, a bicyclist in the countryside, and a setting sun.

The release says the tower also finished in the top 10 by a popular vote earlier this month.

Officials with Tnemec, a company that specializes in coating and linings, reviewed more than 300 nominations for the Tank of the Year competition.

The release says Fluvanna’s tower will be included in the 2020 Tank of the Year website and be in the Tnemec 2021 wall calendar.